NumoBlox is passionate about concrete.

We do home improvement that changes ordinary properties into beautiful mansions, offices and gardens!

Our range includes concrete, fencing, garden and hardware products for your home. We’ve manufactured, delivered and installed loads of quality products since 2001. Our main focus area is the Dolphin Coast region of Kwazulu-Natal. We’re totally local! Thus  making your property’s upgrade more affordable than ever.

See what we mean…

About Quality

The NumoBlox Team is all about quality.

Therefore we stand for the quality in everything that we produce.

We’re driven by our love for excellence and professionalism. That’s why our guys are devoted craftsmen with over 20 years’ experience. Hence we don’t just offer a service; we offer specialist workmanship.

We simply do what we love and we love what we do.

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Our Work

NumoBlox makes the world beautiful…literally

We specialise in turnkey domestic upgrades, pre-establishments of new building sites  and the construction of industrial and governmental sites. At first NumoBlox focused solely on concrete products. Nowadays, our ongoing passion for property improvement solutions has steered NumoBlox to the next level. Therefore we supply products that are practical, beautiful and affordable.

At NumoBlox we employ and train workers with experience in concrete production, fence and paving installation and a spirit of excellence. This ensures that each client has the peace of mind and confidence that projects we undertake do not come with any nasty surprises. 

NumoBlox property improvement before and after site upgrade
Before and after pictures of Mica Empangeni’s site that was revamped by our team in February 2018. NumoBlox is an accredited installer for Clearvu®. We installed the fence and custom made the motorised gate.

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Our Fencing Range

Let NumoBlox set your boundaries!

We manufacture and install fencing and walling solutions

We supply concrete palisades, precast walls, retainer walls and razor fences.
NumoBlox is an accredited OptiView® ‘Invisible Wall’ installer. We also design custom made gates according to our clients’ requirements. Therefore we’re proud to be able to secure properties’ safety in the greater KZN.

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Our Paving Range

‘Creating Cobble Pavers’ is where it all started for NumoBlox

Since creating his first quality cobble paver in 2001 , Walter Schonert, the Managing Director and founder of NumoBlox,  has worked on a wide range of home improvement projects. He soon started employing more workers to build up the formidable team of experts that NumoBlox is known for. 
To date our team has installed our quality concrete products from multi-million rand homes to freeway fences, commercial warehouses and international airports. Contact us today and start improving the value of your own property!


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Our Garden Range

We turn gardens into dreamscapes!

NumoBlox supplies concrete garden furniture to the public and landscaping outlets in KZN.

Browse through our gallery for our large variety of garden pots, furniture and ornaments. We deliver, so no need to worry about fitting these beauties into your car.






Contact us at

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(+27) 083 460 7479 (NumoBlox Office)

Office: (+27) 032 815 1072

Email us sales@numoblox.co.za